J.B. Bryan Financial Group, Inc. is the home of  AfroEconomicsTM.

This pioneering financial service firm focuses extensively on the wealth development of Black Investors. This Registered Investment Advisory firm establishes Comprehensive Financial Plans, Investment  Accounts, Retirement Accounts for Individuals and Businesses. The firm is also an insurance broker providing a full array of Insurance services and products - including life, health, business, vehicle, and property insurance.

In 1995, while only in her 20's Jennifer "JB" Bryan started JB Bryan Financial Group, Inc. - creating the first Black owned RIA firm in the Richmond, Virginia area. The firm presents MOTIVATIONAL financial workshops and teleconferences tailored to your unique financial goals and family vision. JB Bryan is often quoted for saying "A financially strong Black community is of great benefit to the entire planet. We must all thrive to be financially independent. AfroEconomicsTM can help!"

JB Bryan is the creator and author of the powerful AfroEconomicsTM  Books, workbooks, and AfroEconomicsTM for kids!  AfroEconomicsTM  is a strategic financial management program developed for the advancement of Black wealth in America and Abroad.

For weekly AfroEconomics Updates visit  www.AfroEconomics.com register and download the APP.

JB Bryan Financial Group, Inc. The Home of AfroEconomics has offices in Virginia and Washington, DC.

JB Bryan our President & Chief Investment Officer holds weekly workshops and Tele-Conferences for your FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT.   Register TODAY!

Investment Advisory Services offered through J.B. Bryan Financial Group, Inc. an independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm.


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